Miguel Ángel Aranda is an artist who captures our attention with his works, which could be described as Neo Pop Art. His style is more Platonic than atomistic, where ideas are more real than the natural world. It is not necessary to observe his works, it is better to imagine them. Aranda imagines each one of them and associates them with ourselves, giving them a personal – quasi-Platonic – look, the artist's vision. His planets in his series Celestial Bodies cannot escape the magnetism of brushes that, stroke by stroke, cover a complete sphere and give each one of them a special atmosphere.Miguel Ángel Aranda is like a space traveler who has the privilege of discovering the beings that live on each planet, just as Duracotus did with the moon. Just as we observe Aranda's universe, he observes us. It is, therefore, a journey that does not leave us indifferent, such is the strength of the colors and looks, such is the attraction towards unique atmospheres.Aranda's paintings have managed to escape the rigidity of the canvas and draw impossible curves. On this occasion, the artist has managed to escape the gravitational attraction of the canvas and the square format, feeling the freedom to orbit over unique formats created by himself. The works of this exhibition are like one more tentacle of the Milky Way that make up the artist's universe and synthesize his entire journey for more than twenty years. It is certainly a provocative, particular, and attractive work that does not leave us indifferent; a kind of space journey – on board the ship of art – for the senses. To observe his paintings, it will not be necessary to use a telescope or a moonless night, it will be enough to let ourselves be trapped by those indiscreet looks and, like Plato, imagine the rest.